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“API First” to digitize product lifecycle management

Ganister is the first “API-first” solution for digitizing product lifecycle management. This is it, very simple, by design we decided to build our API before anything else. It means, we had to build all our technical (playing with nodes) and functional (playing with parts and documents) tests on this API. We had to focus on security, performances but also ease of access.

A functional API

The functional API gives you the power to communicate with the API in business terms. You don’t want to always use technical names, like nodes and items,etc… to query a document. You want to query a document, you want to get a full BOM, you want to have an Engineering change request impact analysis. We get close to business best practices within the API, way before thinking about a web User Experience.

A Technical API

We can’t cover every one’s business specificity. So we give freedom to extend the digitization of your business processes with Ganister by using more technical API at first. Create, query,update nodes, and you have a world of possibilities for digitizing any process.

A documented API

This is a key aspect. We hear sometime that developers don’t like documentation. Well the only true statement is that they don’t like writing things that could be automated. Updating a word document… yikes ! Most of the technical description of the API generates a documentation that is actually actionnable. You can test it directly in the documentation.

There must be a lot more to say about API, and we’ll let you discover all that, in our training or just by yourself during a trial period or as a customer.

What is Ganister ?

This is our first article on our website and we are proud to be able to finally show our product innovation digitization solution.

Ganister is a solution to digitize your product innovation, from requirements to field-support create a corporate-wise digitization process and content to induce an agile continuous improvement initiative for you teams.

API First

It’s not necessarily what you notice the most, but let’s take it out of the way. API first means, we can integrate in any environment easily and in a secure way because this was built to be an API before anything else.

User-Friendly… it is FAST

Now, let’s take the wow effect for your users. Our solution uses the latest technology on the server and on the client to make your users happy and efficient when using Ganister. It has to have a clean design and to be fast. We’ll create some metrics on how much hours you save per year not waiting for an information to load !

Graphy !!

Any action in Ganister enriches an enterprise business graph which allows you to rely on graph concepts to easily understand your data using a semantic data organisation.


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