Get your manufacturing data 100% qualified before pushing to ERP

The sooner the data is correct, the more money you save then

Be ready and 100% accurate before pushing the green button

Ganister provides with major features to prepare all your manufacturing data collaboratively


Multi-BOM management is at the heart of Ganister PLM. You will be able to build your As-Built BOM while always being related to the As-Design BOM and get notified from any changes that may occur in the product definition.


Routing has to be developped in a PLM context. You need requirements, risks, documentation, collaboration, change management. It will garantee the quality of the data you will push in your ERP.


The tooling may not seem like the masterpiece but it is for the industrialisation manager and he has the right to benefit from PLM too. Ganister PLM for manufacturing helps him handling Tools.


Each Operation in a routing has to be enriched by documentation and related to tools and parts from the BOM. Why would you do it elsewhere when Ganister provides the right easy interface to handle it.


Most of the value seen from PLM buyers is in the risk you take when you don’t have PLM, you have a supply problem and it will take days to see the impacted products and processes. Ganister has it covered.

Document Generation

The manufacturing documentation can gather a lot of information coming from various places, engineering, industrialisation, quality,etc. Ganister embedd the main documentation flows and processes them automatically for you.