A complete set of MRO features in a single application

Business-ready solution to maintain, support and improve fielded products

The MRO features for fully integrated support projects

Spend less time worrying about multiple softwares to buy and integrate. All you need is in the box.

As-design Configuration

Whether you build a product in Ganister or you get a product definition from your customer. You constantly keep an eye on the product definition and the potential upgrades.

As-Maintained Configuration

Every change is validated and tracked in the as-maintained configuration. This is your single point of truth about what’s going on in the field.

RetroFit Assistant

Every retrofit is a business opportunity. But it can also be a challenge if you don’t have the right information. The retrofit assistant helps you to figure out what has to be upgraded, changed, replaced.

Maintenance activities

Ganister keeps track of all the maintenance activities related to your fielded products. Any comment, pictures, files can be attached to maintenance tasks and related to the product.

Part Stocks

As-maintained configuration lets you handle real parts. Real parts get replaced or scrapped, stored, repaires,etc. Ganister will help you track each part eventually in connection with a warehouse management system to enhance your stock management.

Knowledge Management

The rise of the IOT is an opportunity to value maintenance operation in order to see the value that is in the field. Ganister speed up the search when it comes to understand a problem that already happened or when you need to improve you maintenance process.

R&D feedback

Not only you want to improve the MRO services but the loop back process of any maintenance has to go to R&D in order to think about the next versions of their product. Ganister will provide the right information flow to push the most relevant information to R&D.

Support Catalog

Running MRO activities is a business and the value proposal starts when designing products. When designing a product, you need to think ahead to provide maintenance services. Ganister allows you to build your support catalog.

Partner Portal

There are customer data you want them to access but your PLM system is full of IP and secured information. We have built a dedicated portal for your partners to access the data you want to share.