The PLM solution that gives you control of your collaborative developments

The latest technology to build all the linked nodes that represent your innovation

Handling the collaborative graph of your Engineering data

Developing a product creates tons of connected data which fuels your collaborators. Get it under control.

Requirement Management

Requirements are the first step before developing anything. Ganister provides a whole collaborative environment to help your teams create, discuss and iterate on requirements to get your specs 100% clear before rushing developments.

Bill of materials

At the heart of PLM, Ganister helps you manage your bill of materials. It can have mechanical, electronics but also software and documentation. You can configure additional types to suit your business needs.

Document Management

Don’t get a Document management system out of your PLM when Ganister is here to help you with handling documents. Use the same collaborative environement and the interaction with Parts and software to build quality documents.

Change Management

Chand management is the root of any configuration management process. You can just get people to change items status whenever they feel like a change is needed. Changes can have complex impact. Ganister makes it easy to control the impacts.


Versionning and part numbering is always a hassle for PLM projects. Let’s say it is not. Ganister takes care of it and is flexible. With a few clicks, you will have the capability to handle versions and part numbering configuration.

Team collaboration

You asked for social? Ganister gives you social. Let’s interact on any item like parts, documents, requirements,etc. We made it easy to interact within the solution and easy to bring value to your end-product.