System Engineering is a complex graph. Ganister is your interface to this graph

Get in front of Ganister and build the dots of your complex systems

It's about making ideas happen

Spend less time worrying about front-end and more focusing on your product.

Requirement management

Ganister provides a fully featured requirement management module. Embedding all the Ganister PLM capabilities, requirement management becomes social, collaborative and integrated to the PLM.

Risk management

Directly related to design elements and controlled by requirements risk is an information that must be handled with care and updated during the product lifecycle. Ganister will make it available at everystage to benefit any new product version coming out.

Test management

Test management is usually an Area when Ganister gets in a competition with Ms Excel and complex spreadsheets with dashboard built internally. We add collaboration, versionning and relationships with requirements and products.

Design Elements

This is where Ganister PLM reconciliate System engineering and PLM. These areas have to work in a close relationship and not just while defining version 1 of a product. Ganister makes it easy for teams to collaborate for the good of the product.


DFMEA is part of risk management. Ganister shows off the advanced UI it is capable of providing to your users. This is with tools like DFMEA, that you will make sure users will love the system and will use it.

Design Structure Matrix

The Design Structure Matrix in Ganister is another great feature for your users to love the system and also to make sure your end-products are safe when they go on the market. You will detect every complex impact and control them.