Best Wishes for 2021


on January 6, 2021 • Back to Blog index

Happy New PLM Year !!

2020 was very special for everyone because of the COVID pandemic, it was also very special for Ganister as we officially launched our company in August 2020. This very specific context, forces us to work harder to provide the best PLM technology on the market. Here is a few words about the trends and directions we are following.

What is the future of PLM

'Ganister' is the answer right? More seriously, we have some predictions in order to know where to invest our R&D. Our customers request can be our short term actions, but our long terms developments are more subtle and we have to make some bets.

Knowledge Graph

PLM is not an exception in the world of data creation. More and more data is generated around the product definition and the relationships between these data are getting more and more important to manage. Data Configuration Management becomes a critical capability. We still see companies talking about data-lakes which can turn into data-swamp. It becomes more and more relevant to see and maintain data as a graph.

Ganister Grid

Options & Variants

Options and Variants may be considered as part of MBSE but for many product developers, it make sense to have the capability to manage options and variants without having to know much about MBSE. There are multiple solutions on the market but it seems like the adoption is still complicated. We believe that 2021 will reveal new comers on this segment.


Model Based System Engineering is definitely trendy. So far it was also highly contained in authoring tools and it was never very easy to connect/integrate it with large scale PLM. The key development indicator of MBSE will be its capability to spread in a PLM solution.

API standardization

Through some late 2020 surveys we have seen (maybe also due to the pandemic) that supply chain collaboration around the PLM is a key missing (or to be enhanced) aspect of the actual platforms. One way to mitigate this, will be to get a better access to API information in order to connect various partner's APIs. The category could be called PLM across the supply chain, but we believe the trend will be to be more transparent on APIs to connect systems.

What's ahead for Ganister in 2021

Options & Variants

Options & Variants are a very good fit for us. We already have demonstrated prototypes to some prospects. The graph technology not only helps us to resolve product structures but it also demonstrate more clarity in the way data is managed for such use case.

CAD Integrations

We progressed a lot on CAD integrations in 2020 but didn't released yet a connector to the market. We are working on Solidworks and Inventor integrations in 2021.

Exploring new domains

In the last few month of 2020 we had requests for a flexible PLM in other industries than our original manufacturing / defense & security initial target market. We already made a lot of progress and delivered a first project for a food company. We are working on a few verticals to accelerate a initial implementation of Ganister.

It's a very short list of what's ahead in 2021. We hired a few new people at the end of last year and we are all excited to help you reach the data configuration management excellence for your product continuous improvement.

Best wishes for 2021 !

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister