Ganister v2.10 is released !


on December 14, 2022 • Back to Blog index

⚙️ Performance and UX enhancements !

Ganister Release Factory

Approaching v3

Approaching Ganister version 3 means that we need to focus on performances and small UX improvements. All these updates benefit our v3 developments. Any performance enhancement that applies to v3 is added there as well.

New client method trigger

There is a new trigger fired when your form is fully loaded allowing to add client side javascript methods to play with the data or the ui.

Node props as reverse rels

If you have a relationship between projects and parts. If this relationship is 1 to N or 1 to 1. Then you can set a property on part to display the project related to the part. It also means for example that you can filter parts by project.

Change method selection

So far, you had to define on a nodetype basis the type of change management you wanted to apply : ECO or Manual. This can be now altered upon node informations. A specification document could be part of an ECO when at the same time a marketing document could be revised manualy.

File handling has been updated

We made some small changes on how the files are handled, here is a quick demonstration

Change Log

  • [Main Client] Allow to run a client method after form loaded
  • [Main Client] Allow to disable fileGallery autoloading to reduce network load
  • [Main Client] Allow to have node props as reverse rels
  • [Main Client] Add a node opening Grey toolbar transition
  • [Main Client] Add a close button on related object pick up modal
  • [Main Client & API] Improve initial load performance by fixing lifecycle and assignment queries
  • [Main Client & API] Allow to differentiate Change method based on node criteria
  • [Main Client & API] Improve File handling Experience and File versioning
  • [Main Client & API] Update graph view tab data by using the Node class
  • [Main Client & API] Fix Ordering a list by node properties of type node
  • [Ganister Server] Enhance Query Performance for Get All
  • [Ganister Server] Prevent n-connection loops for specific relationships
  • [Ganister Server] Update Dependencies [superagent, javascript-obfuscator, helmet, cronJs]
  • [Ganister Server] Update Neo4j Driver to fix localdatabase connexion issue
  • [G-Config] Allow Groups and Users reports
  • [G-Config] remove cpu and memory analytics
  • [Test] Add automated test for Custom Graph Access
  • [Test] Add automated test for file operations
  • [Reporting] add serialize to boolean report datatype converter
  • [Upgrade] Remove Depreciated datamodel patch mechanism

Looking forward

Getting closer to V3 !!


Just download it ! :)

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister