Ganister v2.11 is released !


on January 9, 2023 • Back to Blog index

Performance tuning and Gift Feature

Still working on v3, we still have some work to maintain and enhance v2. There's a mix of enhancements from v3 that we like to add to v2 and it obviously goes in both directions. Any performance improvement we can find while we are working with v2 is getting implemented in v3 if that makes sense. Having customers on v2 helps us getting more feedbacks and perf logs to evaluate our enhancements.

Tag based client elements filtering

So far we have only been limiting access to data based on the relationship between a user and the data. A few times we received the request to adapt the UI to users, mainly on the node listing grids. We agree, that even though we are 100% right on information access. It doesn't make sense sometimes to access the list of softwares if you don't have access to softwares. We thought about it for a while and we came up with this tag concept defined at group level. It spreads along the groups & users structures to give every user, tags from the groups he belongs to. We also wanted to make sure that a user could not overcome this by changing something client side. This filtering is done server side, securing accesses.

Change Log

  • [Main Client] harmonize modals
  • [Main Client] Change the intro loader, less code and faster loading
  • [Main Client] hide lockedby button on nodeform if node is loading
  • [Main Client & API] add getnodelifecyclerole custom method
  • [Main Client & API] add tag based UI flexibility
  • [Ganister Server] Performance enhancement on relationship creation
  • [Ganister Server] Improve CSP security configuration
  • [G-Config] add rights and permission reports

Looking forward

Getting closer to V3 !!


Just download it ! :)

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister