Ganister v2.8 is released !


on October 11, 2022 • Back to Blog index

⚙️ Mostly UX improvements for the main client and G-config !

Ganister Release Factory

UX Improvements

Main Client

Relationship Creation

We made several improvements on the client side mainly from customers feedback. One that we particularly like is the one about creating new relationships in a relatedObject tab. We kind of used the same user experience we saw in other solutions. One issue was that in the selection window, if you double click on a line, it adds it as a relationship. If you click the validate checkmark, it also adds it. So, many times we add users complaining that they were adding twice a line against there will. We ended up removing the validate checkmark unless you are selecting multiple rows at the same time which prevents you from doing a double click.

Great Performance improvement

We added a last minute improvement which was meant for v2.9 but we push hard on test and validation to have it ready as soon as possible. In a nodeform, we use to preload tabs so that you can tell how many objects are in each tab. We have customers with too many tabs and it creates a lot of unnecessary queries to the server, slowing down navigations if you don't have a great connection. We fixed it and we can fetch the relationship count without loading the tabs themselves. The more tabs you have, the more improvement you will notice.


We re-styled G-config. The design did not change much, but it didn't change for a long time so we wanted it to be refreshed. We also improved bits of user experiences. Things which were fine for a tech person but were annoying for non-tech persons. We hope you will like it.

Change Log

  • [Main Client] Change relationship modal height for displaying more results
  • [Main Client] RelatedObject Tabs do not need to be autoloaded to display relations count
  • [Main Client] Fix lifecycle promotions loading when promotion array is empty
  • [Main Client] Enhance filtering experience in complex grids
  • [Main Client] Add node information on node over in where use popup
  • [Main Client] Add confirmation popup when deleting a relationship in a related object tab
  • [Main Client] Remove the validation button in relationship selection if one row is selected
  • [Main Client] Enable range selection in most grids
  • [Main Client] allow / disallow to show superseded nodes
  • [Main Client] save grid group expanded state on refresh
  • [Ganister Server] Fix displaying the commit reference for support purpose
  • [Ganister Server] Update third party libraries to latest request versions
  • [Ganister Server] Stringify values to check if they're the same to prevent useless modification saved in user's history
  • [Ganister Server] Fix getting token expiration date back from webservice
  • [Ganister Server] fix custom graph subqueries
  • [G-Config] Enhance Tab translation user experience
  • [G-Config] Add default group for new properties
  • [G-Config] Default Hidden Lifecycle
  • [G-Config] Quick style update on g-config
  • [G-Config] Add color and customized image to g-config jumbo and login
  • [Upgrade] Remove categories translations from core translations to prevent overwrite during upgrade
  • [Reporting Engine] Update report engine version

Looking forward

We are progressively preparing v3 of Ganister. We haven't decided yet when it will be released but it is a sum of many improvements mainly server side for better flexibility better performance and better preparation for the future of javascript. We will also progressively replace our client technology with React components. Christmas might be great this year :)


Just download it ! :)

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister