Ganister v2.9 is released !


on November 14, 2022 • Back to Blog index

⚙️ Configuration Management Improvement and Quality !

Ganister Release Factory

Configuration Management


We had not work on configuration management for a while. At least on the pure development side. Everyday we work on configuration management, every day we run at least a manual change and a few days a week someone is demonstrating how an ECO works. Our automated tests also run an ECO at every code commit in our codebase. We had this customer request for a while about allowing some type of nodes to be controlled by an ECO when updated and others could be handled by a simple manual change. This is typical for some document types. Until version 2.8 the change control mode was defined on the nodetype. From version 2.9 you can now set your own condition.

Ganister Change Control Condition


The other reason why we spent a lot of time working on ECO without necessarily adding new features is that we spend a lot of time testing. It was not easy at first to automate configuration management testing. What we use to do is to run certain scripts and then visually validate the result with the graph.

Ganister Change Control Condition

We invested a large amount of time this past month adding about 100 tests to validate our configuration management rules. This will gives us more confidence in our development as these test will be run on every code pushed to our codebase.

Change Log

  • [Main Client] Allow to apply ECO or manual changes depending on node attributes
  • [Main Client] Guarantee localizer to be up to date in custom treegrids
  • [Main Client] Fix height removed by mistake in table formatter
  • [Main Client] Fix getting createdOn date for file gallery
  • [Main Client] Allow disabling Create button from main node listing
  • [Main Client] Sort reports
  • [Main Client] Fix filtering on node lock state
  • [Main Client] Fix treegrid row count
  • [Main Client] Fix allowing similar children in custom treegrid views
  • [Main Client] Clean invisible characters from search in treegrid views
  • [Main Client] Remove history button if the node does not have history
  • [Ganister Server] Allow to fetch relationship even if islatest is not set
  • [Ganister Server] Fix setting isLatest on revised relationships
  • [Ganister Server] Change 1 to N and 1 to 1 relationship versioning (clone target)
  • [Ganister Server] Do not check for uniqueness if it is only about _id
  • [Ganister Server] Update dependency packages
  • [Ganister Server] fix enabling effectivity on node release to impact both ways
  • [Ganister Server] Handle incoming relationship from non-versionable
  • [G-Config] Allow to disable node history
  • [G-Config] Allow to copy an action made for another nodetype
  • [Test] Create a specific Configuration Management Test scenario ~100 tests

Looking forward

Still working on the V3 !! Preparing Christmas :)


Just download it ! :)

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister