Ganister PLM Config : Conditional Field Display


on January 11, 2021 • Back to Blog index

We have not published a lot of videos in 2020. We were busy with our first deployments but we promised it for 2021 so here is our first demo video of 2021. It doesn't come in a specific order, we will publish more or less in the flow of new features we are working on. The first one is about a new feature for the form configurations.

Form Configuration

Form configuration is always tricky but also a great feature to demonstrate the agility of a PLM solution. Our form configuration is mainly done using drag and drops of items and containers. We don't position the form fields at a specific pixel as our forms are responsive. We just define how much space they take on the width of the form (on a grid divided in 12 columns).

Conditional display

This is a great feature we were asked for a few times. It is the capability to show/hide a field based on some other values or some specific context (maybe based on the user). This is usually possible in PLM solutions but you need to have a certain amount of code to do it. With Ganister we made it accessible to anyone.