Coronavirus Update


on March 19, 2020 • Back to Blog index

Coronavirus Update

We didn't expect to write our second blog post about a virus! The situation is chaotic and very serious for everyone. It won't get better in the coming weeks so we just wanted to give a little bit of information on the coming milestones for Ganister.

🚀 Public Release

We are still technically on track to deliver our first public release by the end of the month. But with limited resources for more testing and mainly because our audience won't be as much available as we initially expected we will postpone the public release to June. The goal is to reserve our availability to partners and their training on our system.

🤝 Partners

We have already shared our beta version with some partners who are giving us great feedbacks so far and we are very thankful for that. If you haven't had access to our partner portal yet, please send us an email. We already have the list of all the people interested for an access, but we would like to prioritize partners who actually have time to spend on Ganister.

📞 Support

Some of our staff have kids to look after and even family members working at hospitals. We are used to work more remotely than in an office, but this is a special time with very specific constrains. We will do our best to answer you as quickly as possible but we will for sure be impacted.

Please be safe! don't panic and stay home!

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister