Ganister can... Display a project as a Kanban board


on September 12, 2022 • Back to Blog index

Ganister Can… Display a project as a Kanban board!

Eighth episode of our "Ganister can…" video series. This time this is more business oriented. Have you worked with Trello? The famous cloud Kanban board solution? Or have you worked with Kanban board in your work on a physical board?

If you have not, in just a few word, Kanban means Tag/Signboard in Japanese and it designates in our context a visual management of cards. It initially became widely known because of the stock management principles, using a specific amount of cards exchanged between a stock supplier and a stock consumer to reduce the stock amount and work toward a Just in time principle. With the agile methodology, mainly around software development the Kanban term got used for project management to visually understand project progress.

That is how we use it in Ganister, we allow you to display you project as a Timeline or as a Kanban (or both). You can even create multiple Kanban for a same project in case you had different axis of analysis. One kanban could be about departments and another one could be about parts of the product you are building. It is pretty much up to you and still very flexible.

Enjoy the video

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister