Ganister can... group rows


on September 5, 2022 • Back to Blog index

Ganister Can… Group Rows !

Seventh episode of our "Ganister can…" video series. This time it is a very simple one, but adding simple stuff sometimes creates a great data management platform. It is a feature that you may not use often, you may use it without even noticing sometimes: Grouping Rows ! Sounds either insignificant, or obvious, grouping rows may seem like a simple thing but it technically isn't. You may not know but PLM editors don't create their own data grids. And they should not because that is a real full-time job. Ganister has selected one of the best grid technologies of the moment with AG-Grid . By the way, if you see some features that we may have not implemented yet, please let us know why you believe it would make sense to enable it in Ganister.

Grouping rows can have different purposes. There is an analytic purpose, to understand complex data by splitting records into different categories. We also use it quite often to replace multiple tabs. For example we can have different relationships between parts and documents. You can either display each type of relationship in a separate tab or merge them in a single tab and thanks to the grouping feature you still get this split visible to clearly understand the data.

Enjoy the video

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister