Ganister can... let you create your nodetypes


on July 11, 2022 • Back to Blog index

Ganister Can…

We are starting a new series on youtube to demonstrate as much as possible what Ganister can do. Because we've built a complete platform while we are still a small team. It is easy to forget some of our features. Some features are also existing because of our architecture and our components. It is by design included in the software but as it became obvious for us, we forget to mention it. This series will help everyone, including our team members, remember all the features Ganister has to offer. Every monday, for as long as we have features to demonstrate, we will publish a video on youtube. You can already check them out and get notified when they come out.

… let you create your nodetypes

This is the essence of Ganister, we want companies to build their own datamodel without writing code. While we provide more and more pre-configured datamodels for out of the box business features, we want companies do be able to adapat these datamodels to their own need. The graph database is here to support the complexity and the volume of the data you may inject then.

Enjoy the video

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister