Ganister can... let you own your documentation


on August 1, 2022 • Back to Blog index

Ganister Can… let you own your documentation

Fourth episode of our "Ganister can…" video series. After a technical presentation of how you could write custom client code, we are getting back to easier concepts. Ganister is meant to be configured and customized. A large portion of our job is to make sure Ganister runs for decades without extra upgrade costs. The graph technology we use also enables better integration with other systems and better resilience as it is schema-less (your data structure is much more flexible than traditional systems). The more you tailor your applications to your own need, the more documentation you need. Ganister offers an integrated documentation suite to make sure you own your documentation while still getting updates from us.


Documenting an application is a tough job:

  • Where do you write it so it stays up to date?
  • How do you create new versions?
  • What will you do when some documentation is update by the editor?

Building a documentation engine in our system was one of our priorities. In every project we see the need for documentation and it is usually complicated for companies to sync documentation with the actual state of their application. It made sense for Ganister to have its documentation embedded so that it would always be up to date.

Enjoy the video

In the following video we demonstrate how you can quickly build a documentation with your own content in Ganister.

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister