Graph DB is the Future


on June 18, 2021 • Back to Blog index

Graph DB is the Future

Yesterday we could follow NODES2021, the Neo4j Online Developer conference. As usual lots of great content, nice presentations, and a lot to consume for the coming weeks as many great presentation were happening at the same time with no less than 5 parallel tracks.

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It scales

Emil Eifrem founder and CEO of Neo4J kicked-off the show with a lot of great tech news which included a demonstration of a social app with trillions of relationships sharded across 1000+ servers, returning queries in less than 20ms each. When we started Ganister with Neo4J we were told that it wouldn't scale like SQL databases.

It's trendy

We already talked about this, graph databases for the last 8 years has the highest change in popularity. Not only social networks but also the panama papers and other journalism research have helped telling the world how graph databases could help analyze the relational data in which we live.

db-engine popularity evolution

Even Gartner has projected a great future for Graph Databases. The panama papers have revealed how powerful this technology is and we see more and more use cases applicable for the industry.

gartner graph db quote

It is valuable

The other big announcement of the day was the new founding round of $325 !!! This is the largest funding in database history.

neo4j funding announcement

We are confident

With Ganister PLM, everyday we live the benefits of a graph dB and neo4j. We don't always talk about it because for 80% of the time it is a value you won't see. When we are asked how we can build Ganister with such a small team, the graph database is a great reason. When we need to change a datamodel or import new data, the graph database is helping a lot. Tomorrow, when more interactions will be needed over the same database to manage every single bit of information of not only your digital thread but also your partners and customers digital thread, we know we will have a great data management system for it.