[Video] Low-Code - Episode 1


on January 19, 2022 • Back to Blog index

Ganister is a no-code / low-code innovation platform. Why using both no-code and low-code? Because you can build an enterprise application without writing any line of code. And low-code because you can go even further in the adaptation of the solution for your specific need without having to write a lot of code and relying on APIs that reduce your time to write code.


Methods are developed within G-Config. Everything developed in there will be supported through upgrades. It allows you to write your code in javascript without risking to break the application.


All Javascript

From day 1, Ganister has been built with Javascript. It is powerful and convenient. The main reason why we took this opportunity is because we wanted to make it easier to find consulting resources or even new employees at Ganister. By having the same language Client and Server side we reduce the complexity of our HR researches. If you want to know more about javascript running on a server we recommend reading the nodejs documentation introduction : https://nodejs.dev/learn


The richness of the triggers is what makes a great low-code platform. Triggers are system events allowing to launch a method. You could want to have a specific processing on a node creation, a node update, a node deletion. You can also run specific behaviors when running a lifecycle transition. You could also allow a user to trigger methods. We keep looking after moments in the application user experience where it would make sense to plug these customization capabilities.

The Video !

The following video shows you how to develop a simple method which checks if a new document is of type Marketing and if so, generates and assigns a specific reference.

Enjoy !

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister