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on April 8, 2020 • Back to Blog index

☕ Sit down and Relax !

This is the first video of Ganister we share publicly. It doesn't cover all the UI elements, but it is a first overview to give you a hint of what the end-user will experience.

👓 A few words about major UI elements

Main Dashboard

The Main dashboard is fairly simple although it's very flexible. From there you can use our API to reach more data and display meaningful analytics to your users. Recent items, Workflows tasks, and assignments are the basics and then you can add various KPIs. Ganister Dashboard


The grid is one of the very rich piece of UI we included in Ganister. Grouping, Filtering, Pivot mode, adapting columns, Excel export, Multilevel views,… Lots of feature for which we will have to record a dedicated video. Ganister Grid

Node Form

Node forms still look very simple in our demos, but our first prospects and customers have made them much richer with a lot more fields using our configuration interface. Ganister Node Form

Global Search

No need to install very complex indexing machines. We provide a cross-database search with a Google-like experience. Ganister Global Search

Graph Access

It may not be relevant to some basic users but we have seen users wondering why they had access to certain objects. We display this graph-based access path. Ganister Graph Access

Graph Lifecycles

Lifecycles are also very graphy! We will have to run specific videos and blog posts about the lifecycle as we made some very strategic user experience decisions on this topic. Ganister Graph Lifecycle

Graph Navigations

Exploding a product structure or a complete digital thread in a graph view is great. It reflects what you would draw on a whiteboard. Not only this is great for navigating, but with a graph database supporting our solution, it's fast, very reactive for any user who wants to navigate quickly using the company's own business semantic. Ganister Graph Navigation

CAD Viewer

Ganister allows you to upload (either directly or using a CAD connector) neutral format files and display them in an integrated viewer. Great for sharing visual information. Ganister CAD Viewer

Gantt Viewer

Projects love Gantt. We made projects very flexible with activities being potentially shared with other projects or with other nodetypes in the solution. You can manipulate the progress and the planning with some easy gesture. Ganister Gantt View

Kanban Boards

Not everyone needs to see a project the same way. You can have multiple Kanban board to reflect different approach of a project. Ganister Kanban Boards

Language Switch

Language switch is not something you will use everyday, but the day you will search the feature, we want you to have a nice experience and just look for another language in a dropdown from the top of the screen! Ganister Language Switch

If you want to try Ganister or get a live presentation:

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister