Website and Communication Update


on May 5, 2022 • Back to Blog index

As you read these lines you may already be sensing a change. We redesigned our website. We are happy to share with you our new communication platform and new identity. We are somewhat pivoting our communication I will explain why in this article.

Fresh Design

We are quite happy about the new design and we are excited to get your feedback. Please let us know if anything breaks, if a design doesn't feel right or even if you believe that some of the design reduces accessibility. We wanted to have something easier to read, something that will help us publishing more content and engaging with those of you who are interested in a Ganister Journey ! New pages are coming in soon :

  • customer cases
  • partner pages
  • other translations (we have english and french for now)
  • new trainings

Pivoting from full PLM to LowCode App Builder

PLM is and will always be in our DNA

If you know us already, you know we love PLM. This is why we exist at first. We are all about Product Lifecycle Management. For us, Product Lifecycle Management is very wide and it is almost never a single solution. When we meet with customers, one of the big trend is to reduce the amount of applications supporting PLM processes. If you think you have ONE PLM solution you are fooling yourself.

Facilitating our future discussions

The marketing is what it is. In more and more discussions we feel like it is easier to discuss if the term PLM is not used. Therefore, we don't stop PLM but we will be a bit quieter about it in our main website pages.

Graph-Based LowCode App-Builder

PLM is our inspiration, it drove us to graph technologies and to building a platform to develop enterprise grade applications with everything it needs to support configuration management across companies while as well offering the latest security standards to protect intellectual property.

Whether you call it PLM, obsolescence management, requirement management, innovation platform, change management, circular economy,… when you need an application tailored to your activity we are providing the perfect solution to support you.

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister