We ran our first webinar!


on March 9, 2022 • Back to Blog index

This Tuesday (March 9th) we ran our very first webinar ! We have been waiting for it for a long time. It is always a great experience to show our product live and great to have live questions.

Attendance Poll

We started with a quick Poll to understand the type of audience we had.

Audience Poll

We didn't expect to have so many "curious".

Webinar content

The webinar contained :

  • 20 minutes of slides to describe our approach
  • we then jumped in a live demo for about 20 minutes
  • We finished the webinar answering questions.


how "object oriented" is Ganister? Can you extend the data model by using (multi)-inheritance, classification, etc.?

This is a great question as it was really tempting to rush on this concept when we started Ganister. We actually did take this into account when selecting our database. With neo4j supporting multiple labels on nodes, we imagined how we could support inheritance and classification. Today we are limited to simple classification with a few impact on UI and logic, but we are definitely planning to introduce more object oriented capabilities in our configuration engine.

how do you configure managing alternate parts / materials / suppliers within ganister?

We actually have two separate answers for this. Alternate parts can be modeled with an undirected relationship between a part and another. They become alternates and they have a specific behavior when it comes to change management. Regarding materials and suppliers, it is more basic data-modeling. We actually have in our default datamodel a "Supplier Ref" nodetype which is called by parts and suppliers.

Does ganister support dynamic cascading pick lists? If so, can you please provide a quick overview of how the lists are configured?

Multiple cascading pick list are not yet available. We are working on tree-lists in our options and variants initiative. It will allow to select a value in a tree of value. The cascading pick lists allowing a list to be filtered by another list is not on the roadmap yet.

How is ownership handled on those "Undirected relationships" ? Who is responsible for modifying those ?

This question refers to our undirected relationships. The ownership of these relationships is shared between the two ends of the relationship.

Video Quality Issue

We learn by doing, and even though we tested this webinar platform before (dem.io), we didn't get the video quality we expected (and we have a great internet connection). We will try one more time this tool for our upcoming webinar in french, but if it doesn't get better we will surely switch back to gotowebinar.

The Recording!

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister