Build a PLM brain


on September 28, 2020 • Back to Blog index

Out-of-the-box PLM has been a dream for many companies. Customers believe it is going to save them millions of dollars on implementation services and PLM sales people believe it is going to help them sell many more seats.

What we see on every single PLM project is that an out-of-the-box PLM cannot work on a full enterprise scope, or backbone. Every single PLM project requires a mix of adaptation from the customer to the software but mostly adaptations of the software for the customer's already existing PLM processes.

Why out-of-the-box PLM is not realistic

Your product lifecycle was not created in a day, it has change over time and will continue to change as business environments and technologies evolve. PLM is definitely like a brain. The creativity, the process excellence, the efficiency, they can't all be supported by a CAD design. It is spread over the whole product lifecycle. The communication processes, the supply-chain collaborations, and many other processes of a company have creativity and are constantly enhanced for the good of the end-product.

Out-of-the-box PLM is not realistic, telling users "we found the solution, it will not require any customization" is like saying, "we know how we will work for the next 5 years". Now, more than ever before, your colleagues won't trust the resilience of such decision.

Build a Digital Brain for your company

You should grow your PLM as a brain. Every brain is unique, and built on experience. It stores the data in a way that makes sense for the user to retrieve it.

Take the analogy of remembering song lyrics. Why would you have to know what is the 37th word of a song when what you actually need is to know the full lyrics one word after another. The reason you easily retrieve your words is because your brain has built a thread of words. PLM is the same, it is not just bits of information stored in tables. It is all about the relationships and how they allow you to store, retrieve, compute and update information in a way that makes sense for your business.

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Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister