We already have a PLM


on April 13, 2022 • Back to Blog index

Heading back to in-person conferences, we get more and more chances to have live discussions about customer's pains and how Ganister helps filling the gaps wherever digital thread helps communicating the right data to the right person at the right moment.

The few events we attended recently were not PLM specific. Ganister is a low-code platform to build custom solutions around product information management therefore we see a good fit for Ganister in many "non-PLM" specific Areas. We say "non-PLM" just because it is not an obvious PDM use case involving CAD.

We already…

A few discussions became interesting when people knew or heard Ganister was a PLM solution. We did try to cover it up as we knew that with larger companies talking about PLM could be dangerous when you are not one of the big PLM legacy players.

The typical first answer we had was:

"This is a very interesting software, we already have a PLM"

We already have a PLM

Then it is a real challenge to explain how Ganister can solve the customer's pain. We fill like our audience is already in a mode where they know they won't be able to use a software of a kind they already have in-house.

PLM Underground

For example, we have been discussing with companies doing obsolescence management. Most of them were pulling BOM data from "PLM" to then send the data in a Ms Access database which was not performing so they had to migrate to SQL without the help of the IT department, because it is not usually even seen as a real IT Project. This is a total PLM underground situation. PLM Underground is when the PLM project believed it was over when the core product BOM is in a "PLM" solution. It undermines all the product related information which requires a platform to be shared and updated through not only the company but also external partners.

Don't name us PLM if this is problematic

We work hard to solve problems no to become famous about PLM. We believe we are doing great at configuration management and low-code business application more globally. We are not PLM activists, we will not fight against the miss-use of the PLM acronym.

Try Ganister, forget PLM if you believe you already have one and fix your digital thread pains.

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister