Why Ganister?


on March 23, 2020 β€’ Back to Blog index

Why another PLM solution?

A new solution usually comes from unsolved challenges. With our experience in the PLM world we believe that a few challenges have not been solved yet. Therefore we created Ganister to fix these challenges:

  • PLM Flexibility
  • PLM User Experience
  • PLM Speed
  • PLM Implementation Experience

User Experience

User Experience We have seen in the last 5 years more and more companies complaining about user interface. We have never seen this as a number 1 selling point, but we care about it and we care about the end-users. Page load-time, click count, meaningless icons,etc. Basic user experience elements that some other industries have solved. We are investing a lot of time & effort to be and stay ahead of the competition with the best User Experience.

Integrator Experience

Integrator Experience There is one key factor for every PLM implementation project it is the service integrator. We have met with a few integrators these last month and there are two things that they can't stand anymore.

  • The commercial relationship with software editors
  • The lack of development to keep the PLM solution up to date

One of the main reason why the commercial relationship may not get better is because software editors sometimes tend to be the lead at every stage. We believe that in PLM service integrators are key and we are here to provide a package they know better then us how to fit it into a specific company. It allows us to focus on the technical development, we spend a lot of time looking at the latest efficient technology which could, without breaking the software, add value to our partners and customers.

Why Now?

βš”οΈ Competition

Let's be honest, the competition is getting old! For some managers or buyers it is a good thing. It is seen as a stability, and the demonstration that a product has been widely accepted by the market, it reduces the risk on their decision. But you might also ask the end-users, the ones who should make their work much more efficient once you have implemented a PLM solution. Most of the feedbacks coming from these users are bad. The user experience is declining (if it was ever good). Sometimes it is not because the software is getting worse. It is just that it is not following the market and the standard user experience users are expecting.

πŸ”— Graphs

Graph databases are making a revolution in the database landscape. They are not brand new, but as the need emerged for more graph-like search and interactions, graph database became handy, got a lot of traction and allowed to build industry ready solution. Neo4J is our database provider and you don't have to worry about it, we will provide it within our offer. Everyday there is a new case where graph databases are replacing relational databases in complex-data environment.

πŸ”₯ Web technologies

Web technologies have tremendously changed these 10 last years. You can now develop a full back-end using JavaScript. Ever heard of Full-stack developer? Yes a single developer able to understand back-end and front-end developments to be more agile in our software development activities. User interfaces have been improved. There is great competition between user Interface frameworks, making UIs look better, easier and faster for end-users.

Why Ganister?

In the end Ganister is here to be one of the key players of your digitalization, but you probably heard the same speech from all the PLM vendors, so here are some key aspects of our differentiation.

πŸ† The Fastest PLM Solution

Three factors are making Ganister a winning race car :

  • User interface technology
  • Graph databases
  • Great Coding practice

Complexity and volumes are fuel for graph. Let's run some benchmark with your datasets.

πŸ† The Best User Experience

The style of every button and the semantic of every label have our focus. Every intention from the user should have its corresponding user interface. We spend a lot of time on details because we believe the end-user deserves it.

πŸ† The Best Implementation Experience

Before starting a PLM software we have accumulated a lot of Implementation experiences. We have been implementing PLM solution and building strong delivery toolchains to provide continuous and quality value to our customers. We know it's a tough journey where software editors are never enough collaborating, we will change this. We will deliver as much tools integrators need for their DevOps.

Now what?

  • If you are an end-user we can give you a quick tour of how Ganister can solve your PLM Challenges
  • If you are an integrator let us show you how easy Ganister is to install, configure and deploy
  • If you are an enthusiast developer who loves Graph and JavaScript ! Contact us, we are hiring !

Yoann Maingon
Co-Founder & CEO of Ganister