Graph Based Access Management

This is another key capability for our graph-based PLM solution, access management. If you look at your database, you not only have parts and documents but you also have the whole access setup. Users and their relationship to nodes they create and edit are part of the PLM knowledge.


A great request from today’s business is system auditability. The request got strong with the growth of Artificial Intelligence, which was creating Neuronal networks which were very efficient but hard to audit. Here it is very easy to understand why a user has access to a node, because it graphically says it. Either the user has a direct access or is granted access through a user group or a general permission you will know how it access the node.

Access Management Admin

We provide a nice UI to edit users, groups and permissions. It’s not only easy to understand but also fast to edit multiple permissions. You don’t need to navigate 100 different screens.

Direct Access Management

General rules, groups and permissions are great but in an agile world, if you are granted manager access on a node you should be able to give quick access to some specific people without the complexity of a whole group structure. We give that opportunity with another simple user experience directly on the node itself.

Still API First

I forgot to mention, that all this is API first. These mecanisms can work the same way with any other User interface, all the access management functions are API First.

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