What is my Access relationship to a specific node?

We demonstrated a while ago how the mechanism for user access and permission worked. This was purely conceptual and technical. We wanted to give a nice user experience for understanding how the user accesses a particular information.

We’ve added a graph representation of this:

reading access to a requirement set

If I’m given a direct manager access to this node:

It directly refreshes the access graph giving you the most direct, and highest level access link from yourself and the node (here a requirement set).

Toolset for configuring Ganister

This is how your configuration dashboard looks like. It may slightly get more tools with our future upgrades, more links to our nice and configurable documentation. Key elements here are:

  • the datamodel builder which allows you to build new objects and plan how your PLM graph should look like.
  • Groups and users is your access dashboard, making sure you know why and how people access the data.
  • Other rich configuration and customization tool to discover in the near future…

Fast read

How many times did you click on a tab of related data and you find out there is actually no information in this tab? You click in another tab and still no info? Why did you even wasted time to click on this tab?

The solution was provided by some of our customers. Add a counter of the related information so you can’t get a direct insight of the related informations.