The Functional Approach

Jump into Ganister and quickly support your business

You don't have time to spend on technical implementation detail and your role is to evaluate how Ganister will fit your company with your own processes and data-structures. Let's start a Cloud trial instance to get you started.

Introduction webmeeting

Through a presentation of Ganister PLM, its origins and its differentiating points, we give you a first glimpse of the capacity of Ganister PLM to support you in the realization of a corporate PLM project. We learn about your jobs and your PLM challenges and we set up a framework for studying the suitability of Ganister PLM for your business.

Search for a functional process candidate for proof of concept

We help you find a process that requires a solution to digitize processes and data. Neither too large nor too small, we bring you our experience to select an ideal perimeter to benchmark our solution.

Support in configuring your PLM processes

In 100% Cloud, we support you. Live or with the help of one of our partners, we collaborate with you through several iterations to provide you with a powerful demonstrator.

Validation of your test

During the research and selection of the candidate process for the evaluation of Ganister PLM, we set up measurable quantitative and qualitative objectives in order to give the most objective rating possible of the performance of our solution and the help of our teams and / or our partners. We help you understand this performance and validate with you the financial implications of using Ganister.