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Business-ready solutions

Ganister provides the core PLM features and we have built additional features for MRO, System Engineering, Manufacturing and NPDI

Fully Documented

We have heard that in most PLM projects the due to time consuming customisation the documentation did not follow. We have put a lot of effort to make Ganister well documented.


Social is not a new thing, it’s a must. You can annotate every item and start threaded discussion and follow these discussions through the item versions.

Easy to integrate

We provide the simplest API possible in order to reach logical objects and relationships. You will have very few effort to make to plug Ganister to other systems.

Easy to Customize

We have used the most recent technologies and most used languages to build Ganister. And we left you some room for customization.


Ganister is Fast. Putting a lot of visual logic on your client and having all our queries asynchrone makes this solution the fastest on the market for your users. No more waiting after a click !

Cloud Ready

Ganister has been developed and tested on the cloud. We will either provide you with a cloud instance or deploy it on your preferred infrastructure.


Let’s be real ! who does not comply with html5 today 😉

Modern UI & Responsive Layout

The UI is key. That is how you will get your users to use your PLM system. Taking into account the users device diversity and the changes to come, we needed to be Responsive and resilient.

Ensure the control of your product configuration from Design to End Of Life management

Configuration management, handling parts, documents and softwares, is the backbone of your value added information system. This information impacts the whole company from designing the product, to support, and maintenance through to the manufacturing phase. Ganister allows you to control your configuration even when it is used by your customer. It allows you to increase your service range with a better value proposition to your customers

There is a pre-built solution for your needs

Solutions ready for business to be efficient

MRO & Support

Increase your value proposal beyond the delivery of your product. Enhance the support to your customer by handling the maintained configuration and offering retrofit activities for the long term.

System Engineering

System Engineering is made of a complex graph of items, requirements, risks, tests,etc. We have built the right interface for this business-ready solution.


If you are concerned about the quality of the information transfered from R&D to manufacturing, from PLM to ERP, then Ganister Manufacturing is the right PLM for ensuring the data quality before production starts.

New Product Development

Versionning, Change management, supply management, documentation management, etc. Ganister NPDI provides you with a full set of features to support your product development process.

Primary elements for a flexible IT solution

We have built key node types to support our industry-specific Ganister PLM versions

Ganister helps you manage your parts, your documentation and your softwares.

It is time for you to collaboratively manage, your product configuration items such as parts, documents and softwares. Ganister provides best in class bill of material in the cloud. These product configuration features are provided in an advanced user interface using the latest graphical web standards such as Bootstrap. Manage your parts lifecycle and add specific properties to fit your business needs. Ganister is affordable and flexible while offering a standard way of managing product configuration

Ganister provides a very innovative User Interface in order to process efficiently any impact analysis

The impact analysis is a key moment in change management. This analysis needs to be 100% exhaustive to ensure the visibility of all the impacted items (through direct bill of materials relationships or through system features relationship), but is also made to make the analysis easy to read. Ganister has made the choice to rethink the impact analysis by providing an alternative view of a change impact using the latest graph technology.

Ganister is a collaboration tool, a dynamic work environment.

Ganister intends to be simple but efficient. Instead of hyper complex worklfows which take weeks to customize and are not as flexible as advertised we give tools like tasks objects with a simple and flexible minimalist lifecycle where each state has a dedicated responsible. This allows you to distribute tasks follow your to-do list and track who needs to deliver for you

Export data you can manipulate afterward

Editors fight a lot to publish read-only reports to stop people using Excel. We just believe that it is really convenient to use and very powerful to represent the data the way you want it. So we built a reporting module to export any information from Ganister in an organised way in Ms Excel.

Build the report yourself, no extra skill needed !

We have seen lots of services sold and time spent on building reports, writing the right queries to dive into a complex datamodel in order to get a decent dataset. We wanted to save you some time and money, with an embedded reporting module based on a graphical definition of every report query. Ask us for a demo !