• 6 things your PLM framework must have

    When it comes to PLM implementations, there has been enough unmet expectations and failed projects to encourage any PLM consumer to go beyond the story telling and require more proofs. In a world of IT constantly evolving, it is safer to look “under the hood”.

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    Look under the hood

    PLM Marketing is full of great story telling. Story telling dials up emotions and dials back rationality, limiting objective analysis. You need to make sure you are supporting your product development with the right features before your colleagues start filling spreadsheets again.

    Evaluate and compose

    For a better sustainability of your PLM environment, you need to build it like a Lego. Gather the correct requirements from your colleagues. Find out what are the required blocks to answer their need. Build the perfect system, flexible, and resilient for a better ecosystem less dependants on software providers.