Master the
Digital Thread

From market studies to maintenance support and product end-of-life management, Ganister will give you the best MRO solution to connect all the dots,gather requirements, translate these into a product, and design it to satisfy the requirements. You will reduce costs, time to market, and overall staff efficiency.

Document Management
Even though we all become a bit more part-centric everyday and even item-centric more broadly, documents are in our veins. We have made it simple and easy to use with a friendly UX.
Project Management
Let's not bet on becoming the next Microsoft project killer. We manage tasks, and you have the freedom to manipulate Gantt charts or Kanban boards to lead your projects and deliver on time.
BOM Management
Our underlying Graph database makes Ganister the best stack to manage any type of BOM. From functionnal and system BOM to in-service BOM, we have the best framework to connect the dots of your product lifecycle.
Configuration Management
Configuration is key, but also very touchy when you mix different engineering fields like mechanics, electronics, and software. We built a flexible system allowing diversity in versions and configuration rules.
More to Come...
Our customers already use Ganister for system engineering, manufacturing, test management, maintenance repair, and overhaul. We will capture the best practices in future releases.