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Get your Product Lifecycle Data under control

Struggling to get colleagues and partners to share the same correct version of the information? Ganister PLM Software helps you share the same true and latest information accross your product lifecycle

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Stop suffering from a broken Digital Thread

Not on the Same Revision
It's 2022 and you still see doc_draft.doc, doc_finalv1.doc, drawing_v2.3beta,... Every document shared becomes a document at risk.
Disconnected Informations
The product lifecycle does not just revolve in the engineering department. Sharing changes, and updates with other departments should be easier.
Missing the Feedback Loop
Every experience of your product or your service, every metrics of its usage should loop back for more innovation and more quality.

A better Digital Thread Better Quality and Faster Innovation

Configuration Management done right
Configuration Management is about managing links the right way. Your rules may be special. Ganister PLM offers the flexibility for each use case.
Share the thread
With a Graph-Based Access Management, your product knowledge is shared with your partners with the access level of your choice. Everyone is on the same page.
Boost Continuous Improvement
Lifecycle is about Improvement. It is about capitalizing the best practices from the actual experience of your product. Ganister PLM Graph boosts information reuse.

Benefits from every perspective


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