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We have built a team of experienced engineers who were trained to listen, design, and deliver. The Ganister engineering team loves complex topics delivered with simple user interfaces.

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Enterprise-Wide PLM
Ganister is for everyone in yGanister. Everyone should add value to the product.
Built to Be Customized
Our flexible application has been built to guarantee customization for anywhere from 5 to 1,000 users.
Responsive & Fast
Most PLM solutions are slow due to old technologies. We use the latest web technologies to keep your users in the application. No one should step aside a PLM solution claiming it's too slow.
API First
Because it is , you must be integrated. It might be a bit technical, but PLM solutions are all about integrations. Our API is published using the OpenAPI specification.
Proven Graph Technology
Your PLM data is a graph. We store this data as a graph. Since 2013, the popularity of Graph databases has exploded. We use the main Graph proven technology used by to industry leaders to provide an efficient way for your users to reach their data.
User Satisfaction
Ganister places great emphasis on user acceptance. They may not decide to use Ganister right away, but they will certainly decide to use it in the long run.

Dashboard for Efficiency

PLM solutions are always gathering a lot of information and allowing many different profiles to access data. Every job deserves a user experience that corresponds to their profile. We provide the building blocks and pre-configured dashboard, and you deliver the best UX for your users.

A Grid on Steroids

We have the best Grid in the PLM industry.
It is fast.
It is also highly adaptable to rich content, images, multiline text, formatted tags, and date internalization.
Ganister's grid also includes row grouping and pivot mode! Most of the time spent using a PLM solution consists of navigating Grid.
Ours is great!


Google-like Search

From day 1 of your install, benefit from our Google-like search functionality. It will scale to your needs. Type in text and get all information relevant to your query.

Graph Navigation, Everywhere

PLM is a graph. We can't deny it. If we were just managing a flat list of items, we would only need a grid. But you should be able to navigate your Graph of PLM data from anywhere. Therefore, Graph is available at any moment. You can filter it to build the view you need. The most important part is that we didn't compromise performance or scalability by offering this Graph UX.


Security and
Graph-Based Access

The Ganister security system is Graph-based too. This is great for two reasons: it's easily auditable and it covers all possible needs. Think about it like a GPS. If you have Graph access to the data, you can see it.
This is not an IT-only feature; our Graph visualisation of item access will give users a great understanding of their data access.


Your Graph is doomed to get more complex. There are no technical limitations to integrate more types of information that you consider useful to integrate into your PLM Data Graph. Ganister provides a super intuitive administration interface to extend the functionalities of your PLM solution.



The resilience of our solution is your guarantee of investing in a product for the long term. Fueled by a passion for technology and user experience, our engineers and developers select and maintain the best sustainable and industrial technologies to ensure Ganister's resilience.