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Anyone Can Bring Value to Your Product

A MRO implementation project only becomes successful when most of your colleagues use it daily. There have been too many implementations with a low rate of usage. Let's have everyone define their MRO needs and fulfill them with Ganister.

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As a User, I Want ... so that ...

You Have a Talent. We Will Support You with the Right Tools

We won't build your product for you. You have great IP. You have processes in place that have allowed to build products. You just needed the right platform to store and connect the knowledge Graph you are enriching on a daily basis.

Easy to Use
This is the top priority we all want software editors to take into account: make the software easy to use. Ganister is very focused on the user experience. You may not have a choice in your current MRO solution, but you have the choice of whether to use it in the long run.
Super Fast
Ganister is super fast. It is the fastest MRO application on the market. The interface is clean, and the knowledge graphs make any search very efficient, thus connecting different types of objects.
Built to be customized, upgraded, and resilient. You can count on Ganister for years to come. We are here to stay, and we have partners to help our customers who build every feature you could need to map Ganister to your existing successful processes.

As a Team Manager, I want ... so that ...

You won't force your team to collaborate. They will enjoy collaboration through a great experience.

Collaboration is hard to enable on a digital platform as big as a MRO. Simpler interfaces, fast navigation and live updates are the key elements we injected in Ganister to allow the team members to enrich the graph knowledge collaboratively.

Easy Customization
Tired of your team complaining about a software that doesn't adapt to their processes? Ganister is very flexible, and will allow you to adapt it to your needs for years while being upgraded without additional charge.
Your team or company is growing, but sometimes it may be shrinking for a while. Ganister scales very well technically, but also through our business model. Want to start implementing for a team? We have an offer that suits you. ante.
Team Oriented
At Ganister, we invest a lot of effort building user experiences to make every employee part of one or multiple teams. This is how you can truly be efficient in such solutions, if you know you are not alone and collaboration is happening.
Project Management Ready
We have a lot of flexibility to offer, but we have also implemented the core bricks of MRO solutions with a business-ready, efficient, and flexible project management module. Relating projects and knowledge graph? Done!
Integrated Live Chat
It may seem excessive at times, but live chat does makes sense when you want to push collaboration at its maximum value. Have a question about a document, part, or project? Your employees will be able to discuss any MRO matter remotely.
Distributed Task Management
Assignments and tasks are not only happening in projects or predefined workflows. Every day, you give and receive tasks related to products or processes. Our task management system is very independent, and will ensure that you have a clear view on what to work on.

As an IT Manager, I want ... so that ...

API First & Cloud First MRO

They say the devil is in the detail. In every MRO experience, the devil is in the interfaces. MRO can benefit and interact from a multitude of tools. Ganister is API first, and our first target has always been the cloud. We deploy on premise for specific customer requests.

Cloud Computing
No Upfront Cost
It's , we can start up with a cloud deployment. We also have the technology to allow a deployment without upfront costs, like server investments, database provisioning, hardware, and purchases.
Using Standards
With web standards, Graph database query language standards, and even MRO standards, whenever it makes sense, we will push for using standards so that you do not invest in a dead-end software. This is critical for making our software resilient. ante.
With our cloud-first approach, we technically scale up in seconds our whole infrastructure. But scaling up cannot only be technical. A business model is key. That's why we count users and deliver Ganister for two users, up to infinity! sollicitudin.
Take Control
The common aspect of every MRO implementation is change. Businesses change, and they need their MRO environments to follow.
Cloud or On-Premise
We listen to our prospects and customers. We know some legal constraints may prevent some to move to the cloud. We are fine with it. We can deploy on the cloud or on premise.
Proven Technology
Resilience is important for businesses. We know how quick the software industry evolves. It is our duty to prevent this pace of evolution from impacting your MRO environment. We take responsibility for the technologies we include in Ganister. .

As a CEO, I Want ... so that ...

Enhance Growth by Enabling Collaboration for Innovation

Break the information silos of yGanister and allow the creation of a knowledge graph which is fed every day favoring the continuous improvement of the different organs of yGanister.

Risk Reduction
Dozens of cases every year about investigations for product malfunctions put CEOs' lives at risk. It takes weeks or months to retrieve information and demonstrate who is responsible. Ganister keeps the dots connected to significantly reduce this time.
Innovation Acceleration
You have a leaking pipe in yGanister. It's called data search and re-use. It's like you have gold, but every time you need it, it takes forever to find it. Ganister keeps all of your IP connected in a giant enterprise-wide knowledge graph.
Portfolio Extension
With Ganister, you can extend your value proposal. Some of our customers went from assembling to also doing MRO. Others started to make more system engineering studies internally. They extended their portfolio and integrated to a unique knowledege graph.
Cross-Enterprise Collaboration
The percentage of employees using the MRO is a key indicator of your MRO implementation success. MRO is not a R&D tool only. It is meant to capitalize and share internally the intellectual property of the company.
Proven Technology
We are not playing Russian roulette with technology. We know the industry and know how quickly you can lose trust in a software vendor when it fails. Resilience is our key motto. Our Graph and web technologies are used by the largest corporations.
No Upfront Cost
We believe that investing in licenses, even before MRO implementation has started is an outdated practice. Our software is a service, and it has to scale in terms of usage. We will work with you, even if you start very small for an evaluation or a department.